What We Do at MJ Metal

M.J. Metal, Inc. / Enviro-Metal Technologies is a handler, consolidator, and packager of industrial post-production metals.

M.J. Metal Inc. was founded in 1983 and is a spin-off of a company that was founded in 1898.

Combined, the two principals of M.J. Metal have over Ninety years of experience in the Industry.

Our customer base ranges from small family-owned facilities to Fortune 500 corporations.

Our open-door policy concerning environmental commitment has resulted in surveys conducted by environmental groups from these and other companies. These surveys entailed tours of our facility and reviews of our material handling procedures. These surveys have, in every instance, yielded approvals.

In essence, M.J. Metal functions as a continuation of the manufacturing process.

The materials cycled through our facility are the same materials processed by manufacturers worldwide.

  • M.J. Metal, Inc. / Enviro-Metal Technologies does not handle any automotive scrap, demolition debris, radioactive materials, PCBs, Freon, hazardous waste or material, or any other non-industrial metals.

  • Our truck fleet consists of tractor trailers, load luggers, rolloffs, and lift gate trucks to service our customer’s needs.

We are specialists in recovering ferrous and nonferrous metals for industrial consumption by:

  • Foundries

  • Ingot Makers

  • Refineries

  • Smelters

  • Steel Mills

  • Brass and Wire Rod Mills

Sophisticated, Fully Integrated Recovery Systems maximize efficiency and Customer Return on Materials.

We Handle  all  industrial grades of:

  • Iron & Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Copper and Brass

  • Stainless and Chrome

  • Nickel Alloy

  • Zinc

  • Lead

Responding to customer needs has always been our primary focus.

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