Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal

Diverse as our customer base may be, we share similar goals
when it comes to recycling

Responding to Customer Needs
Has Always Been Our Primary Focus

In partnership with companies of all sizes, MJ Metal is dedicated to conserving earth's precious, non-renewable resources. together with our customers, we help prevent valuable scrap metals from becoming solid waste matter that might end up in already overcrowded landfills.

MJ Metal has helped recover millions of tons of ferrous and nonferrous metals to be melted down by steel mills, foundries, refiners and mills the world over. From copper scrap drawn into wires that stretch across power lines, to steel processed and reshaped into everything from bridges and skyscrapers to dishwasher and toys.

As a proud member of ISRI, a national organization of original recyclers, MJ Metal joins scrap processors across the country, including manufacturers and the public at large, in the environmentally safe recovery and recycling of the more than 90 billion tons of scrap metals that get recycled annually.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can assist you in any way with your Industrial Scrap Recycling.
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